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tilala, what is that ?

Based on a rare track list deeply selected. tilala can make you discover or rediscover songs since august 2015.

One of our goal : a web radio created on november 2016 where you can find our track list selection.

Composed of a team of enthusiasts including Agata Brown, we do all to provide to you independante artwork rare and not famous.

This project is in a constant evolution and open to all type of partnership.
The activites is large because of her presence on social networks (Facebook, Twitter, youtube, deezer, spotify...) and all the event that you've got around.

Agata Brown

Agata Brown (FR)

Founder, selecta, DJ, antenna director, developer/integrator, community manager, jingles.


Mike2Mike (FR)

Selecta, jingles, DJ, proposal strength.

Marc Potard

Marc Potard (FR)

Selecta, integrator, jingles, proposal strength.


Carole (FR)

Selecta, proposal strength.


Muriel (FR)

Selecta, secretary, english translator, proposal strength


Philip (UK)

Selecta, proposal strength.

Tata Yoyo

Tata Yoyo (CH)

Selecta, mentor, proposal strength.


Bertrand Durovray (BR)

Selecta, journalist, proposal strength.

Julie Alamelle

Julie Alamelle (FR)

Selecta, jingles, chronicles, proposal strength.

Dr. Wil

Dr. Wil (FR)

Selecta, developer, proposal strength.



Auditors, enthusiasts to whom the project tilala is destined, proposal strength (contact).

tilala: music and more