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Include tilala on your website, blog or facebook page!

plugin to tilala

You can add webradio to windows website or a tab on your facebook page by following the instructions below:

Website, blog

  • Copy and paste the html code at the bottom of these explanations, this is an iframe.
  • Insert this piece of html code where you want the tilala player to appear
  • For wordpress, you can refer to this article en.wordpress.org/plugins/iframe
  • Or this one: helpwordpress.etab.ac-lille.fr/ insert-an-iframe
  • Add if necessary a class css that will allow you to refine the display to your liking and enjoy tilala directly on your website or blog!
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Ex: mike2mike.com

Facebook page

  • You must first install the static-html application by following the instructions available here: www.thunderpenny.com/app/static-html
  • Once your new tab has been created and the static-html application installed, copy and paste the address at the bottom of these explanations and populate it in the static-html editing section.
  • Several options then allow you to customize the display. Recommended configuration
  • Fine-tune your settings to your liking and enjoy tilala directly on your facebook page!
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Visual elements to download

to illustrate, to quote, ...